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ibd have over 200 specialist mentors and they are working to improve the performance and profitability of small and medium sized companies throughout England and Wales. The strict recruitment criteria used by ibd means that we only recruit mentors who are ex-directors and many of them ex-managing directors of a substantial company. These mentors are recruited because of the skills that they can bring to a micro, small or medium sized companies.

ibd mentors are very experienced in acting as mentors to MDO’s, directors or senior managers of start-up, micro, small and medium sized businesses. All ibd mentors have received the very best training to equip them to become excellent mentors. In the initial period the mentor would conduct a business review with the MDO to identify the specific needs of the company. This business review is completely free of charge but it does allow the mentor the opportunity to understand the needs of the business properly. Following the business review the MDO will be able to contact the mentor and discuss any business issue, idea, concern, problem or worry that he/she might have. The mentoring service provided by ibd is completely free of charge. This mentoring service is available to all start-up, micro, small or medium sized businesses throughout England and Wales.

If you feel that mentoring would assist you to improve all or any aspects of your business, or just explore the opportunities available to you, please do not hesitate to contact us on 08448 223660 or visit our website at www.ibd-uk.com

ibd Business Advice Group Ltd


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