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Mentoring in summary

The mentoring relationship is voluntary for both parties and, although it is usually designed for a set period of sessions, it may be ended at any time by either the mentee or mentor.

Mentoring is:

  • a one-to-one relationship over a period of time between a less experienced person (mentee) and an established professional (mentor), which provides consistent support, guidance and practical help
  • a process by which an experienced professional shares their personal skills, knowledge and experience with another person
  • a means of enabling a less experienced person to gain the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to perform at a higher level
  • an opportunity for a less experienced person to gain access to impartial, non-judgmental guidance and support
  • a process of working together to achieve predetermined goals and objectives
  • a two-way process through which both parties derive satisfaction from the progress, and success is attained through working together.

Source: An Introduction to Enterprise Mentoring © SFEDI Group & Essential Business, 2011