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Running your own business can sometimes be a lonely occupation. You carry all the responsibility for your business and are often expected to make competent decisions in areas that are completely outside your experience.  Your concern, quite correctly, is how can you make the best decision for your business.

What would be helpful is access to experienced business person to act as a sounding board who will help you work through these problems. Someone who has extensive knowledge of the special issues that face small and medium businesses (SME’s) in the UK, and with experience of other businesses who can bring to bear this experience over a wide range of business issues and who can help you where ever you live in the UK.

Our Solution
Exigent Mentoring Services has been supporting SME’s since 2002. Through our extended network of skilled mentors, we can help anywhere in the UK. Our mentors will typically have either run businesses themselves or prior to starting their own businesses will have been senior managers within larger organisations and will have had budget or P&L responsibility. They specialise in working with SME’s and understand the particular issues facing such businesses. They will have experience they can draw from many other organisations to help you find a solution to your specific problems. Their objective will be to maximise the returns you want from your business.

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