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Strategic Mentors work in partnership with the directors of small and medium sized companies turning the good into the great. Our team offer a breadth of experience, specific tools, defined approaches and a proven structure that is normally only open to larger companies, but at a price you can afford.

We are active in Oxford, Buckingham, Berkshire, Hampshire and Gloucestershire. Examples of our interactions are:

  • Strategic Development planning and implementation
  • Creating a multi-functional plan and support throughout the implementation in order to achieve the owner’s objectives in the most effective way.
  • High growth company structuring
  • Maintaining control without stifling the necessary flexibility and creativity.
  • Distressed company recovery planning and support.
  • Fast action review, planning and implementation for recovery.
  • Marketing and planning.
  • A clear understanding of client needs, communications development and maximisation of profits.
  • Sales Development.
  • The implementation and control of sales resources with a view to maximising return to the company.
  • Operational efficiency Enhancements.
  • A review of the operational activities, planning and implementation of improvements.
  • Acquisitions and Divestments.
  • For acquisitions; Support through the pre and post acquisition process. For divestments; pre-divestment structuring and support through the negotiation and pre-completion stage.
  • People development.
  • One to one, or group assessment and coaching with a view to understanding needs and developing staff in line with company objectives.
  • Business planning.
  • The formation of a written business plan in order to satisfy an identified company objective.
  • Raising finance.
  • A review of company resources, introduction to financial institutions and support in the negotiation process.
Strategic Mentors Limited


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