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AugMentor are a professional, Partner-based, innovative Strategic Planning mentoring service that works with business owners/executives, assisting them to determine their strategic objectives, prepare plans to deliver those objectives and decisively implement the plans.

We specialise in companies who have a Board or Management structure, in which the leadership team would benefit from a full, independent and objective appraisal of their plans to:

  • Review (or create) an annual strategy and implementation plan
  • Develop a response to significant market changes
  • Launch a new product
  • Acquire or merge with another business
  • Tender for major long term contract
  • Seek additional debt or equity funding
  • Prepare the company for exit by the shareholders

…..Mentoring assistance to Clients

Owner-managed companies, who require the development and implementation of a Strategic Plan, or long term mentoring by an experienced AugMentor partner, to overcome:

  • Management’s lack of business know-how, time or skills
  • Insufficient or inappropriate funding
  • Lack of a systemised approach to business
  • Ineffective management information systems
  • Lack of understanding of the marketplace

We help you overcome:

  • Money - not earning enough or borrowing too much?
  • Competitive advantage – is it disappearing, if so: why?
  • People - do you have enough and are they the right ones?
  • Time - how are you spending it and are you being effective?
  • Markets – an inability to break into a new market?
  • Sustainability – can you maintain long term profitability?
  • Your role - are you doing what you are best at?
AugMentor UK


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