Colchester Business Enterprise Agency

The Colchester Business Enterprise Agency (Colbea) is a non-profit making mentoring and business support organisation covering Essex.  Our mentoring, advice and training has helped hundreds of new and existing businesses to thrive and grow. 

Colbea offers:

  • Mentoring and business advice from professional, highly qualified, Sfedi accredited mentors and trainers who help business start, grow and flourish
  • Ongoing business mentoring training/action based learning that is tailored to individual need and focused on achieiving results
  • Managed small office suites with many tenant benefits, including optional on-site mentoring, free use of meeting rooms and discounted use of training rooms
  • The following is a typical client testimonial:

    “We found our business mentor to be refreshingly honest in his appraisal of how to develop a successful business.  He took time to understand our business, offered sound advice and encouragement and added to our confidence. “ DBA Recruitment

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Colchester Business Enterprise Agency


1 George Williams Way

T: 01206 548833

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