Horsesmouth is a free, online venue designed for informal one-to-one mentoring. We have thousands of people inspiring and supporting each other on a wide range of issues on our safe hosted platform. All of our mentors are volunteering in a personal capacity

Business and Enterprise Mentoring is a fast growing activity on the site. We have Business Mentors ranging from retired professionals and active senior managers, to successful serial entrepreneurs and busy people running their own companies. Their common motivation is to give something back by sharing the lessons learnt, wisdom gained and resources accumulated from their personal experiences in business.

You can find a mentor by searching profiles on the topic of your choice. For example a search for Start-Up will produce this list of mentors:  Click here.
By varying your search terms, you can browse thousands of inspiring profiles and stories or connect with mentors individually on our platform. We have many cool tools for rating and thanking your mentors and for managing your time and the connections you’ve made. You may also decide you wish to become a Business Mentor yourself! Click here.

You can do all of this entirely at your own convenience and for free. We have an active Customer Service team so if you have any questions you can contact us from the site.

Horsesmouth is a Social Enterprise



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