Metzgen Associates

Metzgen Associates (MA) works across all the main business disciplines – business development, and sales and marketing are particular strengths – with many years’ experience of building and running a major business, working at Board level in SMEs as well as in large PLCs.

MA have helped Mentor a number of individuals and organisations to develop a sustainable plan for the future, including raising finance, achieving an MBO,  launching new products and services, expanding internationally.  We provide you with a trusted and reliable sounding board and an independent view of the business.  We work with clients on organization assessments, vision formulation, strategic direction setting, leadership and management effectiveness, targeted training approaches, advisory consulting, performance enhancement, strategic diversity management and one-on-one coaching.  Organisations and management MA has mentored include City Fibre Holdings, Euro-Soft Developments, Utifame Technology, i3 Group and IBM.

MA is systemic, innovative and able to help businesses achieve their business goals,  meeting the needs of stakeholders, investors, customers and employees, with a range of skills needed to help increase productivity and profitability, drawing on their extensive business experience and access to a range of successful corporate managers globally.

Revenues,  revenues, revenues! MA may be able to help. Whether as a Mentor, NED,  Consultant, we can work with you, to evaluate what’s missing to achieve results! We can, help develop the Business Plan, and if required provide access to additional resources and funds. In the end, our objective is to assist you to achieve your desired goals.

Metzgen Associates


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