Scottish Chambers of Commerce

The Business Mentoring service is a partnership between Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Chamber of Commerce, with funding support from the ERDF.

Scottish Chambers of Commerce has a network of over 11,300 businesses across Scotland, 22 offices and employs 178 staff.

They have successfully utilized their unique connections to business leaders from across all sectors and size of Company to create and operate their highly acclaimed Scottish Business Mentoring Programme. 

It has already successfully matched over 5,000 ambitious business people with expert mentors from the business community.  They provide this service to all sizes of private business, public and social enterprises.

SCC has a team of expert Executives who carryout individual interviews with the business and the potential mentor to ensure that the match benefits both parties.  We are fortunate to have a pool of over 800 mentors who have a genuine desire to make a difference to your business – volunteering their time and sharing valuable skills, knowledge and experience.

We have already made a difference!

Here is what some of our customers have to say:

“The Business Mentoring Programme is an extremely successful and worthwhile initiative.  Companies in all sectors face similar challenges, the most pressing today being the effects of the recession and climate change.  It is important that businesses be prepared to support and share knowledge with one another” - Sir Moir Lockhead, Chief Executive of FirstGroup.

“I used the service last year when I first set up Jewelogic. It was the best thing I ever did! My mentor helped me win a significant contract which led to lots of repeat business. I can’t recommend it enough.” – Jane Farnsworth, Director, Jewelogic (Mentored Business).

“Getting the opportunity to see new and different businesses, the buzz you get from listening to their plans and ideas and the opportunity to give some input and guidance are all part of the rewarding payment for this voluntary opportunity.” - Tony Douglas (Mentor)

“Gordon was absolutely brilliant and a great source of contacts.  Personality wise he is a perfect match, calm and very measured where I can be a bit fiery, he had a great calming influence and added structure to the decision making.  This service is invaluable and especially for a small business”.  - Chris Bogle, (Mentored Business)

For a confidential and quality business connection be part of a winning team by contacting us now at or e-mail or give us a ring at 0845 609 6622

Scottish Chambers of Commerce


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