The Alternative Board

The Alternative Board (TAB) believes that every business owner should expect that their business can deliver for them what they want out of life.  We do this through a unique combination of peer boards, one-to-one coaching and a range of business improvement and planning tools.

TAB peer boards work in tandem with the one-to-one meetings - they bring together like-minded business owners to discuss their opportunities and issues and to seek the advice of the other experienced business owners around the table – essentially up to 8 ‘non-executive directors’ but who have no vested interest in each others’ businesses.

During one-to-one meetings TAB facilitators help business owners identify what they ultimately want out of life and then help them put in place measures that will set them on track to achieve this – regular review takes place of the business owners progress.

The Alternative Board


15 Hornbeam Square South

T: 01423 810 891

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