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De Novo Arts

De Novo Arts

De Novo Arts works with the contemporary arts producing high quality digital content and films. The company films events and promotional videos, edits works, post production and media consultation.

Mentor: Bryan Pickup
Company: SJ Berwin

Mentee: James Wright & Kieran Morris
Company: De Novo Arts

James Wright, Co-Founder of De Novo Arts came to the launch of the Westminster Business Council Mentoring Programme in October 2011.  De Novo Arts became the first small business to find a mentor, receive some support and became WBC’s first mentoring success story. 

James is a confident businessman passionate about music and the work that De Novo Arts has produced for the industry.  There were however a couple of issues that James needed assistance with, primarily with the legal aspects of running a business including understanding what types of contract and legal requirements De Novo needed to have in place in order to secure the longevity of the company.   With an extremely knowledgeable lawyer in the room in the form of Bryan Pickup from SJ Berwin, a natural match was made. 

In James’  words, several things were achieved as a result of the connection made.  De Novo Arts was supplied with pertinent legal documentation helping to greatly overcome De Novo Arts primary business need.  Negotiations begun for acquiring new premises from which De Novo can operate.  The first steps towards acquiring new office space were taken, as well as a great step in improving the legal side of our work.
  Further elucidation regarding our direction as a business, as well as developing a wonderful professional and personal relationship with our mentor.  Confidence from the support of an experienced businessman as well as a good sounding base to express our ideas and feelings about being a small business

“Bryan has a wealth of knowledge and advice that is directly applicable to our business in terms of best practice and has fantastic ideas about how to proceed.  The mentoring scheme so far has had a positive impact on our working lives and can – hopefully – only continue to improve.”

The organisational changes that were made to De Novo as a result of the advice and support given even allowed for an expansion of the team, with an intern being recruited.

James and his business partner Kieran are continuing to receive support from Bryan.