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Strategic Management Partners have specialised in coaching and mentoring high growth companies since 1990. We offer initial advice onsite or offsite at no cost and with no obligations. This ensures we identify with clients in advance that any work to be undertaken has clear, relevant and cost-effective outputs with quantified deliverables.

All projects include terms of reference showing what we deliver, how, when, with whom and outcomes agreed with clients. Client expectations are managed in line with the professional standards of Certified Management Consultant

There are three unique client benefits from our work:

  1. Our client business improvements are aligned to national Awards programmes such as Business Excellence and the Responsible Business Standard. This enables clients to achieve wider long term benefits and publicly recognises client successes in managing change.
  3. Our client supply chains are widened through our extensive memberships of regional and national trade bodies. We also provide security vetting services for clients wishing to work across the public sector, worth over £10 Billion per annum.
  5. Our clients receive our published best practice guides simplifying process improvement techniques.  These become permanent reference materials for client managers and staff after we have departed, ensuring continuity of future improvements without consultancy costs.

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Strategic Management Partners


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