About UnLtd

UnLtd’s mission is to reach out and unleash the energies of people who can transform the world in which they live. We call these people social entrepreneurs. We believe that individuals have the potential to make positive change in the world around them. We are a unique and dynamic organisation , helping people change at grass-roots level, where it really makes a difference. We are the world’s largest network of its kind, supporting around 1,000 social entrepreneurs each year.


About UnLtd Award Winners (social entrepreneurs)

UnLtd Award Winners come from across the UK with diverse backgrounds and cultures; what they have in common is a desire to change the world in which they live. That doesn’t mean they necessarily develop complex, global solutions to large-scale issues; often , social entrepreneurs simply take a problem in their community and make a commitment to tackle it. This may lead to something bigger, or it may not; what makes a true social entrepreneur is that they have the will to make a difference, the vision to know how to go about it and the determination to make that vision happen.

About UnLtd Connect

UnLtd Connect is a service designed to help social entrepreneurs realise their potential. We provide connections to mentors, experts and practitioners, including other social entrepreneurs, as well as access to a range of valuable tailored and self-managed resources. Our purpose is to foster relationships between social entrepreneurs, professionals and peers to improve and inspire positive social impact.

UnLtd Connect incorporates the design and delivery of employee engagement programmes for major companies and organisations, and is a key element of the unique support package UnLtd offers social entrepreneurs. Some believe that this non-financial support is equally if not more valuable than funding.

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