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Having been in business for over thirty years I felt that nobody had written any books specifically on Cash Flow, which I regard as more important than profit.  So I wrote Cash Management – Making your business cash-rich without breaking the bank (Published by Bloomsbury ISBN 978-1-4081-3984-4) now in its second edition.  This led to cash flow seminars at Coventry and Birmingham Chambers and lectures at Coventry University Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship and the start of Think Cash!, a personal consultancy to help companies find the cash they require within their business.

Inevitably I was then asked to mentor companies, mainly those in their first few years of trading and others who had lost their way.

Initially we spend one hour a week understanding the business and showing them how to put together a very simple cash flow chart.  This becomes the basis for our future meetings, which quickly move to monthly ones.  Once a client understands their cash requirement, they start working out how to meet it and we lead them, by simple direction, to making their own future plans.

This has resulted in Think Cash! running a series of popular seminars entitled Seven Ways to put money into your business without visiting the bank!  We have a maximum of six people a time, it only takes two and a half hours, is not expensive and it directs, not instructs, the attendees, resulting in them seeing the solutions as obvious and thinking they had identified them.

Think Cash!


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