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Ready to go mentoring

SCA Management Consulting is delighted to be listed as a Business Mentoring organisation on Mentorsme portal.

I would like to express gratitude to Lloyds Bank Enterprise Mentoring team for their support. Since meeting Jackie Jenks, Enterprise Mentoring Manager at an interactive event held jointly with Lloyds Banking Group, the BBA and Enterprise Diversity Alliance we have since be given the opportunity to participate in the recent mentoring training usually offered to Lloyds current and ex-staff. My colleague and I were enrolled to take part in this impressive training for enterprise mentors at the Thistle Hotel in Birmingham. Meanwhile,  our Company is ready to take on the challenge of offering business mentoring services to clients in the Black Country areas.

One of the key reasons for adding SCA Management Consulting to the Mentorsme portal is our desire to share the knowledge and expertise of our team to aspiring business entrepreneurs. We recognise that in the region of Black Country, there are lots of businesses who will benefit from our offer.

Some of us will recall instances on TV and radio when members of British Society fall into traps of hardships or get into one trouble or the other and referred to the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) or the like agencies for assistance. One the other hand, when businesses fall into difficulties it becomes complicated how to help them. Just as individuals go to CAB to resolve domestic issues, businesses should seek out these mentoring organisations to make use of the expertise they offer to help them resolve their business issues.

In my opinion the business mentoring programme will go a long way to offer much needed support if utilized well. Mentoring will reveal several options on how to deal with business issues without excessive expense.

SCA Management Consulting strongly supports the Mentorsme programme, as set up by the BBA and the banks.

Sam Duru

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