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Regalcrafts Ltd

Regalcrafts Ltd

Regalcrafts Ltd is a business with one sole director and 2 part time volunteers. Issues were mainly marketing and time management

“My expectations were closely aligned to resolving issues using a third party as a sounding board and benefitting from looking at someone else’s viewpoint from outside of my business looking in.  It was my idea to seek a mentor.

My experience was very positive.  All my expectations were met and having been encouraged by my mentor to focus more on forward planning I am in a much better position that I thought I would be.

James Silsby, my mentor, was extremely helpful in listening to my business issues and thoughts and furthermore provided moral support and some great alternative ways of looking at business issues.  The encouragement he provided was very beneficial when doubts surfaced and for that I am very thankful.  All in all I consider myself lucky to have had such an excellent mentor and thank all concerned for making this happen and not in the least James for his unconditional support.  Thank you.”