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Say hello with LiGo

Say hello with LiGo

liGo is a smart telephony provider set up in Glasgow over 10 years ago, and has grown and expanded over the years to meet a wide range of tech needs, offering scalable solutions to meet the demands of SMB’s and consumers in the UK, Germany and France.

These solutions include options for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), multi-line solutions, and other state of the art developments to assist businesses in increasing productivity in the workplace.

liGo developed and brought to market its first major product in 2010 – a mobile phone gateway hub that is now being adopted by the likes of Siemens. The business leader, Sam Amdjadi, was aware that growth brings new challenges continually, and for LiGo, these centred on; people, funding for expansion, access to suppliers, premises and related matters.

Sam was matched with his mentor John Morrish in April 2012, with official contact ending in May 2013, although both keep in contact on an informal basis today. John although now officially retired, still consults on a part time basis and has vast experience in the telecommunications industry, where he worked for over 20 years. The mentoring relationship addressed a range of business issues around the future strategic direction of the business, internal systems for financial controls/reporting and operational efficiency.

LiGo has now recently moved to larger premises and taken on additional staff, with annual turnover now in excess of £13m, an increase of over £5m in the past three years. Sam is clear that Business Mentoring Scotland had a large part to play in LiGo’s recent growth:

Why did you join Business Mentoring Scotland?
“Growth brings challenges. Business mentoring was seen as a way to access an experienced mind like John’s, to test and augment the thinking processes and decision making in the business. John has been an excellent sounding board during key business decisions”

How did the mentoring relationship work?
“Business is all about people – our thinking, attitudes and decision making. Business mentoring works at this personal level; it assists to reduce the feeling of stress and time pressures facing a business leader. This all acts to improve the quality of what we do.”

What was the impact of mentoring?
“The business continues to expand significantly and John’s mentoring has played a part in this achievement. There is no doubt that he influenced my thinking and decision making; this has changed the business for the better and accelerated our turnover growth.”

How did mentoring compare with other forms of business assistance?
“We had other assistance but business mentoring offered something different in the relationship which is distinct from others. Meeting with John has proved to be less clinical, more free thinking; more like meeting a friend as opposed to a consultant or an advisor. John is also a very nice man and I consider him a good friend.”

Would you recommend Business Mentoring Scotland to other businesses?
“Absolutely, it was great to have such an experienced person as a sounding board.”