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Training and development of mentors

A good Mentoring Organisation must be able to demonstrate that everyone involved in the management and delivery of the mentoring programme is competent to carry out their role or has the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to carry out their role. Ongoing training and development should be encouraged to ensure their knowledge and skills are kept up to date.

Examples of best practice include:

  • Induction process/programme
  • Regular support/review and assessment process
  • Having a CPD/development programme for mentors
  • Provision of training courses, workshops, conferences and networking events
  • Personal Development Plans – 1 to 1 sessions
  • Regular comms out from organisation to keep mentors updated on key issues
  • Use of feedback to improve performance
  • Maintaining training records for mentors
  • Encourage membership of institutions
  • Social media/member forums for sharing knowledge and experience
  • Maintaining a resource library
  • Qualifications
  • In house training in systems and processes used

Download - Induction presentation (PDF)

Download - Mentor job description (PDF)

Download - Mentor handbook (MS Word)

Download - Mentor pocketbook (PDF)

Download - Introduction to Enterprise Mentoring workbook (PDF)

Download - CPD Plan and Record (PDF)

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