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Management of the programme and monitoring of mentor/mentee relationships

The progress of relationships between mentors and mentees is regularly and routinely monitored to determine whether they are functioning successfully.

Examples of best practice include:

  • Regular programme of contact with mentor and mentee (monthly/ every couple of months)
  • Session logs/meeting summaries and action plans – reviewed after every meeting
  • Matching spreadsheet/database for recording contact details / meeting dates / mentor experience / notes / mentee details
  • Dedicated programme manager and relationship managers
  • A CRM/MI system
  • Workshops and networking sessions for both mentors and mentees to share best practice

Download - Mentor session log (MS Word)

Download - Mentoring evaluation form (MS Word)

Download - Mentoring relationship tracking sheet (MS Excel)

Download - Example mentoring process (PDF)

Download - Early exit form (MS Word)

Download - Mentor manager job description (MS Word)

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